Next Generation PEM Electrolysers under New Extremes ...



  •  28 November 2018: WHTC Conference, 2-7 June 2019, Tokyo, Japan

CNR-ITAE oral presentation on Pt-alloy Catalyst Used as Recombination Catalyst in a Thin Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Electrolyser

  •  28 November 2018: Italian-Korean Bilateral Symposium on Advanced Materials for Sustainable Energy Technologies, Daegu, Korea, May 8th 2019

CNR-ITAE oral presentation on Nanostructured catalysts for sustainable water electrolysis

  •  28 November 2018:  Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for PEM electrolysis – workshop, Fraunhofer ISE, Heidenhofstr. 2, Freiburg, Germany, October 24th – 25th 2018

CNR-ITAE oral presentation on How EIS helps with material development in PEM electrolysis cells?

  •  28 November 2018: Stati Generali e Celle a Combustibile IdroGeno, Milano, Italy

Claudio Oldani from Solvay will present the NEPTUNE project during the "Stati Generali e Celle a Combustibile IdroGeno", held at politecnico di Milano, on 28th of Novembre 2018

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